Diana Nickcole (sweetexuberance) wrote in rhpsismylover,
Diana Nickcole

Dragon*Con 2007 Auditions

Hey all! Lips Down On Dixie is now auditioning for its Dragon Con Show! Auditions will be Saturday, June 16th from 3 - 6pm and Sunday June 17th, from 1 - 6pm please call Java to set up an audition time for one of these two days at 404.207.6270 ASAP. If you don't get him, leave a message PLEASE So that he will still get your time in. Also at 6:30 on the 17th after the lead auditions are over, we will be conducting auditons for dancers for the Trixxxie dance and to be Transylvanians during the show. Please specify if you want to do that as well.

We will be looking for the following:

Frank N Furter: Sweet T. / Entire Floorshow to I'm going home.

Brad / Janet: Damnit Janet /Floorshow

Columbia: Timewarp / Floorshow

Magenta/Riff Raff: Timewarp / Floorshow

Crim: Opening monologue/Time Warp

Eddie: Hot Patootie

Dr. Scott: Eddie's Teddy

Rocky: Sword of Damocles / Floorshow

Any Questions please contact JAVA
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