Diana Nickcole (sweetexuberance) wrote in rhpsismylover,
Diana Nickcole

Dragon*Con 2009 Auditions!

DragonCon is Sept 4 - 7 this year.

The auditions are June 27th & 28th, email exuberance1101@yahoo.com for location.

Cast Auditions:
27th 1 until 4
28th 1 until 3

Trixie Auditions:
27th 4:30 - 5:30
28th 3:30 - 4:30

We will have a sign up sheet for auditions every 20 minutes. Be there early to
sign up for a time.

Auditions Parts:
Frank - Sweet T and Floor show until middle of I'm going home
Brad - Dammit Janet/Individual Floor Show
Janet - Dammit Janet/Individual Floor Show
Riff - Time Warp/Take Over
Mags - Time Warp/Take over
Columbia - Time Warp/Individual Floor Show
Rocky - Sword of Damocles/Individual Floor Show
Dr. Scott - Eddies Teddy/End Speech
The Criminologist - First two Scenes

Judges - Leo, Candace, Kim McFarland

Rehearsals - Wednesdays 6:30pm until 10:30pm beginning July 1 until September 2 (Wednesday before show)

Starting July 31 Dragon Con Cast ONLY until after Dragon Con

Trixxxies - Monday Rehearsals starting July 6th. 7:00pm until 10:30pm.
August 12 is when we combine Trixies with the cast.

Please note the rehearsal times because if you can't make one, you might want to reconsider auditioning.

Thank you everyone! Hope to see you there!
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