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Barry Bostwick to host Lips Down On Dixie & Rocky Horror at Dragon*Con

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Barry Bostwick to host Lips Down On Dixie & Rocky Horror at Dragon*Con

Atlanta—Barry Bostwick, who plays character Brad Majors in the 1975 cult classic film, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” will once again see his image and mannerisms imitated and immortalized some 34 years after the fact. On Saturday night, September 5, 2009, Dragon*Con, the single largest Science Fiction/Fantasy convention in the Southeast United States, and Lips Down on Dixie, Georgia's premier Rocky Horror performance group will have the distinct honor of welcoming Mr. Bostwick into the fold by playing host to one of the largest Rocky Horror events in Atlanta history.
Approximately 3000 loyal Rocky fans are expected to attend the show and fill the Atlanta Hyatt Regency's massive Centennial Ballroom to pay homage to the quintessential midnight cult classic. The ever-lively and always unique pre-show will be emceed this year by director Candace Weslosky-Miller, a longtime leader of Lips Down On Dixie.
LDOD prides itself on its screen accuracy, and as always, while a large overhead screen will project the movie, the cast onstage is so tightly knit that one will be hard pressed to tell the difference between film and stage.
LDOD’s performance of Rocky Horror once again looks to be one of the largest single events at 2009’s Dragon*Con. Led by Producer Aron Siegel and Director Candace Weslosky-Miller, LDOD again spent nearly two months preparing for the show, always the largest of its collective career. Rehearsals, held multiple times a week at Sketchworks and G.E.P. Theaters were often grueling, though most members of the cast acknowledge that intense rehearsal is the prerequisite for a world-class performance.
Heading up the Dragon*Con cast as Dr. Frankenfurter is Jevocas Green, a Dragon*con favorite, with Adam Garvey, Laura Veilleux, and Stephanie Craven all returning from 2008 as Riff Raff, Magenta, and Columbia respectively. Returning cast member from 2006, Chris Miller strips to his tidy whiteys to channel Barry Bostwick once more (who incidentally will be very close to Chris to do this). Of equal caliber is Nyssa Daniels returning from 2008 as Janet Weiss.
Producer Aron Siegel returns to play the Criminologist, while newcomer Zack Eidson wears the gold shorts to play the title character of Rocky Horror and veteran Andy Wisniewski wheels and deals as Dr. Scott both making their Dragon*Con debuts. Cody Wages motors onto the scene this year to play Eddie.
The Luscious Ladies of the Lips, our DIXIE TRIXIES, Amber Tuten, Rebecca Bosch, Ophelia Bradley, Nikki Sparks, Erin Moore, and ‘perfect specimens of manhood’, Alejandro Perez, Andrew Tuck, and Ryan Zack Eidson open “Science Fiction Double Feature” with an LDOD signature Burlesque striptease courtesy of cast choreographer Jevocas Green.
Behind the scenes, Amy Duvall heads a crew of magic-makers consisting of David Hardy, Michael Weslosky, Chad Tuck, Spencer Williams, Nick Waddell, Eric Fusan, follow-spots Gabe Smyth, Elle Thomas, and lighting designer Erica Strickland.
In addition to LDOD, this year's convention will feature performances by The Crüxshadows, Voltaire, and appearances by stars ranging from Star Trek’s William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and Star Wars Anthony Daniels And Peter Mayhew.
Dragon*Con, the Southeastern United States’ largest Science-
Fiction/Fantasy convention takes place every year in Atlanta, Georgia
over labor-day weekend at the Hyatt Regency, Marriott Marquis, and Hilton Hotels. The convention boasts an attendance of over 50,000 and growing.
Lips Down on Dixie, Incorporated, a licensed not-for-profit corporation, is one of the foremost casts in the southeast and is a proud member of The Atlanta Coalition of Performing Arts. LDOD, which performs weekly Friday midnights at the Plaza Theatre in the Poncey-Highland area of Atlanta, strives to put on a screen-accurate performance of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The group's devotion and attention to detail has paid off in the past, especially when a power failure forced members of the cast to sing and act sans film, accompaniment or amplification of any kind. The audience was treated to a unique experience and a more in-depth view of the talent this cast has to offer. According to their corporate mission statement, LDOD strives to be not only a Rocky Cast, but also a full-fledged theatre organization. This second year's Con performance is certainly a testament to their dedication and ability.
For more details, visit Lips Down on Dixie on the web at:
and LipsDownonDixieFans-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
On sale from LDOD are Dragon*Con Rocky Horror performances on DVD years 2002-2008 for $12.00 each. Please continue to check http://www.ldod.org for details.
For pictures and information about next year's Dragon*Con go to
For information about the Atlanta Coalition of Performing Arts visit:

You can also visit us at:
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