Diana Nickcole (sweetexuberance) wrote in rhpsismylover,
Diana Nickcole

A VERY Special Rocky Horror DOUBLE FEATURE Picture Show!

This year, by popular demand, Lips Down On Dixie is performing not one but TWO shows! We will not only be doing our annual Friday showing but we have added a Saturday showing as well! The show starts at midnight and there will be a very special dance number by the Carrolton Cast that got booted from their theatre. We will also have games, treats, ladies in lingerie, men in lingerie, and a costume contest! We will be selling tickets in advance online! So hurry and get yours because this show sells out fast!

LDOD's Official FB Page: http://www.facebook.com/lipsdownondixie
The Plaza's website: http://plazaatlanta.com
LDOD on Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/lipsdownondixie
Follow LDOD on twitter: http:/.twitter.com/lipsdownondixie

Thanks again for your continual support!
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